Critical business or mission questions keeping you up at night? Eastport can help you answer them NOW! We help our clients answer business and mission-critical questions, through rapid piloting of decision analytic solutions in Compliance, Discovery, and Impact.

Eastport Analytics delivers innovative solutions that automate the analytic processes by which the decision insights that you need are discerned from the analyses of an increasing flood of multi-source data. We find, select, shape and combine the right technologies and commercial software products that will address your decision challenges.

Our agile application development methodology helps elucidate and validate your specific analytic needs while rapidly giving you an insight-generating solution.

Our Approaches

Our approaches include analytic capability assessments and recommendations; rapid piloting and delivery of custom analysis solutions; and the delivery of actionable findings....(Learn More)


We offer a packaged set of rich analytic capabilities that illuminate the connections across vast amounts of law enforcement and intelligence data sources....(Learn More)


The analytic solutions that we have delivered to our Federal Government and commercial clients are giving them better insights, enabling faster decisions, and providing them with measurable ROI....(Learn More)